Thanking the State Control Centre

The Centre played a critical role in managing emergencies over the bushfire summer 2019-20

It was our pleasure to make morning tea on Friday 14 February 2020 for the good people of the State Control Centre. Based in East Melbourne just up the road from where we meet, the State Control Centre is the hub of a network of incident control centres across the state.

As our fellow branches throughout Victoria have supported the efforts of their local emergency responders, we thought it appropriate to recognise the work of those based in our neighbourhood who worked so hard to support and coordinate action right across the state.

It was wonderful to meet with staff from many state services, and it was fascinating to tour the Control Centre with the Emergency Management Commissioner, Andrew Crisp.

Thank you for the work you do all year, but particularly we thank you for the huge effort over this disastrous summer. And we know it’s not over yet.

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