Earth Bag Challenge

The CWA of Victoria is committed to supporting initiatives that reduce Australia’s greenhouse emissions and minimise environmentally damaging plastic litter.

The oceans are being increasingly choked with trillions of pieces of plastic.

Our Collingwood CWA Branch is being crafty as we look at alternatives to single use plastic.

We are trialling Earth Bags – a bag of ideas for make-at-home, clean and green useful household items.

We usually have these for sale at our stalls. You can email us at if you’d like to find out when our next stall is scheduled .

Collingwood CWA Earth BAgs

What’s in the bag?

Margot’s ‘Bee Glad’. Replace plastic cling wrap with our beeswax coated cotton food wrap.

Bee Glad wrap – click here for DIY instructions

Jocelyn’s hemp yarn dishcloth is knitted in softer, absorbent hemp yarn that is bacteria-resistant and stronger and more durable than cotton. Click here for info on where to get it.

Hemp dish cloth  – click here for how to make them yourself

Rachel’s hemp twine scrubbies are crocheted into a strong, effective, durable and hygienic alternative to plastic dish scourers. Click here for info on where to get it.

hemp scrubbie
Rachel’s Hemp twine scrubbies – click here for DIY instructions

Mary’s washable ‘Clean Sense’ make-up and face cleanser wipes are made from reused cotton.

Make-up and cleaning wipes
Click here for instructions for making cute make-up wipes.

Helen’s Earth Bags and newspaper bin-liners are origami magic. Fold up a broadsheet or tabloid to line your rubbish or compost bin and say ‘No’ to plastic bags.

Collingwood Branch turning newspaper into bin liners – click here for instruction video

Liz’s newspaper seedling pots are made from reused paper cleverly folded into sturdy pots for seedlings.

Newspaper seedling pots – click here for more info

Pot plant labels are cut from discarded plastic milk containers. The weatherproof strips make great labels for garden seedlings.

Caroline’s bi-carb cleaner. This household salt powder has dozens of uses, from cooking, cleaning and gardening.

Bi-carb soda
Click here for more ideas for good old bi-carb


Wooden pegs for a solar dry. Sunshine is the best way to dry your washing.




What’s the challenge? Get in the Bag!

We are looking for creative, environmentally-friendly solutions for everyday household use.

Leave a reply below and you too might end up in the Earth Bag!

Make sure to explain why it’s a sustainable option, the materials you need, how you make it – and of course, include a great picture.

3 thoughts on “Earth Bag Challenge

  1. Mrs. Maureen Pagonis July 11, 2018 — 5:19 am

    I would like to discuss your Earth Bag etc. I am GlenWaverley CWA craft co-ordinator and would appreciate contacting you.


  2. Glad to see this info in the latest edition of Victorian Country Woman! I will pass on the info to our craft coordinator at Frankston South.


    1. That’s great Judith, so pleased you can put the word out on what we think is such an important issue.


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